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NAMM 2015

To the RGS family, 

In the industry there is something that been deemed the "NAMM hangover". I am experiencing this for the first time. With the overdose of musical prowess, 92db of constant noise for 8 hours a day, weak hands from handshakes and high fives (that part is actually fun), and a slight stench of gym room still lingers in my world. With all that said, I can't say enough how incredible it was to hang out with those in the RGS family. Over the years our customers and manufacturers have resulted in much more than a business relationship. We know these people and they know us. We push them for new and exciting things and, in turn, they push us to do more. We were lucky enough to share meals and our love of gear with some of those that inspire us the most and whose words were timely and meant a lot. It was much more than hype and new gear at NAMM, it was coming full circle and rediscovering the truest reasons for why we do what we do. 

So over the next month we're going to translate all these moments that we've experienced with looking into some of those that we know well in the industry and show you a bit of what we discovered at NAMM 2015. 

This week we're going to look at BadCat Amplification and the stellar new product that they're releasing in about 6 weeks. 

BadCat Amps is a amplification company whose success just keeps on coming. Here is a little blurb from their site.

Bad Cat takes a 'no compromise' approach when designing and producing amplifiers. Our goal in each classic style, hand built amplifier is to achieve great tone and sturdy construction. Bad Cat Amplifiers are designed and built entirely in Southern California. Each step of this process is where the quest for perfection really begins. Our team gets really excited about what sets Bad Cat apart. We call it the 'Bad Cat Difference'. Meticulously paying attention to each component affecting the sound and performance of our amplifiers is a journey we love to undertake every day. Our users benefit from our passion every time they plug in and crank up their favorite Bad Cat amp. Since we also play what we build, it is truly gratifying for the Bad Cat Team to be a part of bringing each product to light.

We all know that when you offer such an incredible product you can still fall short without the customer and dealer support behind it. With BadCat Amps we've experienced some of the best support in the industry. Not only in the build quality of their amplifiers but in the relationship and customer service that they offer. They're a full circle company.

We're really excited for this new line up BadCat announced and showed off at NAMM 2015. 

Bobcat 5R ( Class A )

The Bobcat 5 is a single-ended five watt combo utilizing a single 6SL7 in the preamp. The amp is powered by a single 6V6 power tube. The front panel offers simple controls for Gain ,Tone,Reverb and Master volume. There is a small toggle switch that will engage the Rip circuit for higher gain. The Rip circuit is also foot switchable. Spring reverb and effects loop round out this amazing little combo. It is not a practice amp. Stage level volumes are there!

The Bobcat 20 is a 20 watt combo featuring a single 6SL7 preamp tube feeding into a push-pull dual 6V6 power section. The front panel offers simple controls of Gain,Tone,Reverb and master volume. The are two small toggle switches on the front panel that engage the rip circuit for higher gain and a boost circuit which bypasses the tone stack for a thicker more midrange heavy tone. The Rip circuit is foot switchable.Spring reverb and a passive series effects loop round out this compact gigging machine. 
The heart of the Bobcat 100 is a sweet, little 6SL7 preamp driving a single ended 6V6 5 watt power section. This  single-ended 5 watt gem is fed into the Badcat 100 watt Unleash technology. Unlike other hybrid amps of the past, the preamp and power section are tube. The front panel offers a simple layout of Gain,Tone,Reverb and Master. The small, toggle labeled Rip offers a high gain circuit. The Rip  is also  foot switchable. A passive, series Effects loop and spring Reverb round out this amazing 38 pound , 100 watt combo. 
Be Well,