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\\\ SHE SHREDS ///

\\\ ABOUT US ///

She Shreds magazine is dedicated to educating, inspiring, and encouraging future and current musicians by highlighting female guitarists and bassists from all over the world. We strive to raise awareness for under represented female guitarists and to cultivate the presence of women in the music industry. Although She Shreds is inspired by and created for women, it is our hope that our impact reaches far beyond boundaries of gender to encourage radicalism, respect and revolution.


\\\ FABI REYNA - Founder/Editor in Chief ///

Fabi Reyna is the Founder of She Shreds Magazine and organizer for Shred Fest. She began playing guitar at the age of 9 and has been an integral part of her music community ever since. Past music gigs include U.S and European tours as a guitar and bass player with numerous bands as well as booking shows during SXSW and even more fun basement shows. Current and past bands include The Ghost Ease, Newman/Schonberg/Reyna Group, Reynosa, Sexhair, and Chain & the Gang.

Fabi's Music | More About Fabi


\\\ LAUREN BAKER - Creative Director ///

Lauren Baker is a graphic designer who spends her days creating websites for Out:think Group. By night (and weekends) she works with She Shreds on their layout, photographs, website, and overall coolness factor.


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Sidenote: If you didn't get a chance to purchase issue 7 before they became nearly extinct , the stores below might still have a few in stock for the original store price of $8. There's only 50 left in our inventory so the few that are out there are the only ones left! Don't snooze on this because they'll only be on shelves for another week before issue 8 hits the stands!


Little Professor Book Center (Homewood, AL)


Hillcrest News (San Diego, CA)

MOCA Store (Los Angeles,CA)

Paras News (San Diego, CA)

Current Events (Manhattan Beach, CA)

Circus Of Books #1 (West Hollywood, CA)

Centerfold Ii (Los Angeles, CA)

The Kosher News (Los Angeles, CA)

Laurel Canyon News (Studio City, CA)

Bay Books (Coronado, CA)

Above The Fold - Larchmont (Los Angeles, CA)

All American News (Encino, CA)

Century World News (W. Los Angeles, CA)

Plaza News Stand (West Hollywood, CA)

Valencia News (Valencia, CA)

Robertson Magazines (Los Angeles, CA)

Sheltam (Los Angeles, CA)

What's News Jr. (Woodland Hills, CA)

Books Inc. (Chestnut/M) (San Francisco, CA)

Good News (San Francisco, CA)

Issues (M) (Oakland, CA)

Smoke Signals (San Francisco, CA)


Boulder Book Store (Boulder, CO)


Bobs News (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)


Quimby's Bookstore (Chicago, IL)

The Old School Records (Forest Park, IL)

Reckless Records Broadway (Chicago, IL)

Modi's News Stand (Chicago, IL)

The Book Table (Oak Park, IL)

City News (Chicago, IL)

Reckless Records - Loop (Chicago, IL)

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Joseph Beth Booksellers Enterp (Crestview Hills, KY)


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Lakeside News (Metairie, LA)


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Canal Iconic Magazine (New York, NY)

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Rough Trade Shop (Brooklyn, NY)

Bouwerie Iconic Magazine (New York, NY)

Other Music (New York, NY)

St Marks Bookstore (New York, NY)


Spoonbill and Sugartown (Brooklyn, NY)

Desert Island (Brooklyn, NY)


Bank News (Cleveland, OH)

Cincinnati Fountain Sq.News (Cincinnati, OH)

The booksellers on fountain square (Cincinnati, OH)

Everybody's Records (Cincinnati, OH)

Joseph Beth/Booksellers Enterp (Cincinnati, OH)

Mobarak Llc Dba Beech Croft News (Columbus, OH)

Omega Music Dayton (Dayton, OH)

Records Per Minute (Columbus, OH)

Used Kids Records (Columbus, OH)


Rich's Cigar Store # 2 (Portland, OR)

Rich's Cigar Store # 3 (Portland, OR)

Rich's Cigar Store (Portland, OR)

Powell's Books (Portland, OR)

Beacon Sound (Portland, OR)

Trade Up Music North (Portland, OR)

Antiquated Future (Portland, OR)

Old Town Music (Portland, OR)

Tender Loving Empire (Portland, OR)

Land/Buy Olympia (Portland, OR)


Hanover News Agency (Hanover, PA)

Avril 50 (Philadelphia, PA)


Dk Booksellers Llc (Memphis, TN)

Fanny's House of Music (Nashville, TN)

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Ponyshow (Nashville, TN)


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University Bookstore (Madison, WI)