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Origin Compacts: Smaller Size with No Compromise.

Origin Compact: Smaller Size with No Compromise.

Smaller isn’t always best… However, when it come to our pedalboards, smaller is always better. Thank goodness the design team at Origin has recently announced a brand new line of small boxed versions of their killer Cali76 comp series. Saving space, where they felt was only necessary, Origin has now provided players with the same organic, shimmering tones we have come to expect from their fine compressors.

Not heard of Origin? Wonder why everyone who loves tone wants one? It all started back in the golden era of rock with a unit called the 1176LN Peak Limiter from UREI in 1968. The 1176 was the first "Peak Limiting" compressor with an all solid-state circuit. Now an inductee to the TECnology Hall of Fame, the UREI comp was known for its crystal clear top end, organic tight bottom and very low noise. Another great feature of the 1176 was the ginormous range of the Attack and Release knobs which provided immense control over the tonal palate and response of the input sources voice. Needless to say, someone needed to recreate this wonderful piece of history so that players like you and me can have it's tone-sculpting power at our feet. Luckily, Origin obliged and since 2010 Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboard players and even singers are jumping on board to purchasing their own Cali76 and they haven’t looked back.

So, how many times have we found that "one pedal" but then realized in order to fit it on our board we have to remove something else. Well that is no longer the case when it comes to high end compression. There are 5 new compact editions arriving to the Origin lineup and there is something for everybody: 


Cali76 Compact: $279.00 - By blending the operation of the Attack and Release and providing a simple 2-way toggle for Ratio, the new 76 Compact is easier to use than ever and making it simple to dial in all the classic comp. of it’s full-sized companion. No frills here, just straight up solid compression without compromise. 

Cali76 Compact Deluxe: $379.00 - Can’t wait to try the Compact Deluxe! The same 5 knobs you see on the face of the Cali76-STD are right at your fingertips with an added knob that reads, “Dry”. Yes, that’s right, you can blend all your dry, un-effected analog tone along-side your Comp. Dleuxe's tone, as well! For the players turning their pedal on and never turning it off, this is definitely your new compressor of choice at RGS.

Cali76 Compact Bass: $379.00 - Who knows, this unit might become a keyboard players dream, too! Love the Parallel “dry” blend and the High Pass Filter, they make this comp. voiced for “bass” a definite go to for anyone wanting to maintain a tight bottom end thanks to its JFET processing. A single, sweepable knob for attack and release paired with the “ratio” control ensure that your bottom end will be felt AND heard with stunning organic clarity.  

SlideRig Compact: $299.00 - Infinite sustain at it’s simplest. Originally the SlideRIG was created to emulate the 2 cascaded 1176’s that Lowell George (Little Feat, the Mother’s of Invention, the Standells) used when recording his insane slide guitar licks. I don’t know about you but none of us have the spare $3000 it would take to purchase two vintage 1176’s. So, make sure to get your hands on this shiny piece of sustaining awesomeness! 

SlideRig Compact Deluxe: $379.00 - The secret to the slideRig’s sustain is it’s dual stage compression and the SlideRig deluxe gives you hands-on access to both stages, separately. Also, they have added the same “dry” Parallel blend from the other deluxe unit for the ultimate is tone shaping and presence. I would put it into my own words but Origin already said it so nicely, the SlideRig Compact Deluxe is “parallel compression on steroids”. 


This brand new line of compact compressors from Origin has us drooling with anticipation. Get you hands on one quick! These are definitely going to be a hot commodity with music players, everywhere. Get your's right here at Still got questions? hit me up -