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TMG Guitar Co: the Selma Transparent Drive


It’s not very often in the music world that we get to witness elegance and tonal character mixed so well as in the Selma Drive from TMG Guitar Co. Recently re-released this cadillac of tone is guaranteed to turn heads. I invite you to take a few moments and discover what true organic transparency sounds like. 

Like a smooth scotch, say a Balvenie Double Wood 17 or maybe a high mountain Oolong that has been lightly smoked to bring out the buttery flavor locked within, the Selma Drive crawls inside your guitar’s pickups and brings them to life. You know I hate to say cliche things, it makes me feel lacking, however this pedal truly is an “extension of your amp”. 

I wanted to consider all players and their tonal necessities when approaching this pedal. Therefore, after work, I went out to our warehouse’s amp room, plugged in the Selma and instantly slipped into audio heaven. My strings were fatter, my pick thicker, and my pickups richer. I could not only hear what I was playing but I could feel it… man, I could almost chew it. Just before finishing my jam sesh, I decided to crank the “gain” knob and was pleasantly surprised to find a world of saturation and character locked inside; organically compressed and almost fuzzy in nature. 

Finished, I then packed up my gear and left for home. After a great night of fun with my family, I put my son to bed and went back down stairs to play a little more with the Selma. Unlike work, stage or a practice location I now had a 2 year old upstairs who needed his precious sleep. No prob! I left my Deluxe Reverb on 1.5 and easily dialed in the Selma for some smooth Strat blues, all while maintaining the sonic clarity and attitude of my axe plugged directly into my amp on 5 or 6. 

As I was turning things off and placing the pedal back into it’s box to take back to Jonathan at TMG, I paused to look at it one more time... The etched in writing and script on the box are incredibly stunning and the care with which TMG brings forth this masterpiece is truly noteworthy. Very rarely do we see simplicity paired with elegance, artistry and sonic clarity. Now I just have to get one on my board.

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Nate Wagner