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One Cat to Rule Them All: Catalinbread's Katzenkonig

True king’s are legend makers. They aren’t the ones born into it. No, they are the ones who come out of the depths to end an era. They gather the masses to a new light and a new reality. They are the ones who establish boarders and lay down a new rule. With just as much refined pomp & circumstance, our feline friends have been famed, fabled and even worshipped for their presence in our human lives for millennia. Many reasons and stipulations have been declared concerning our appreciation and love for cats but the most practical and historically sound would be their ability to rid our real-estate of rats. 

For to long has the rat run rampant on our pedalboards and garage floors! No more shall the rat control the stage! For, our friends over at Catalinbread (Oregon pride represent) have brought us a new king; the Katzenkonig. Touted as a “rat” killer this fuzz-distortion is guaranteed to leave a lasting feline presence on your board. The corner stones of rock and distortion are built from words like “Rat” and “Tone Bender” and the Katzenkonig, or “Cat King”, is a wonderful blend of these two legendary sounds, destined to take up tonal reign all over the world.

Like a cat, the box is simple and easy to observe but locked inside it’s shell is a world of unfathomable curiosity and masterful creation. The controls are easy to understand if you know how to read them; think counter clockwise. Starting with the input knob, you can let the “Kat” know just how mean you want it to get or you can dial it back to let it sit ’n purr. The “input” feeds into the second gain stage which is solely controlled by the “gain” knob. The Gain on this pedal has the ability to dial in a world of tones that aren’t found in your standard black box distortions of yore. Continuing in our counterclockwise motion we come to the “filter” control. This knob will ensure that you will only need one distortion box on your board. Sure, have fun finding your boost and drive pedals but the search for distortion is over; the "Kat King" rules. Thick and chewy to smooth and singing, the vastness of your Katzenkonig’s domain depends upon the "volume” control's level. Stage or bedroom the Katzenkonig reigns supreme.

So how about you? got a rodent problem on your board that you need to fix? It’s not to often a true distortion box hits the market with this much authority and presence. Whether your pedal board is a peaceful kingdom or a layer of molten doom, Katzenkonig is certain to find a place to call its own…. and then make everything its subject. Got more questions about the Katzenkonig or want to tell us how your’s is currently reigning over your tone? leave us a message below or write me at

Don’t let curiosity kill you, get your Katzenkonig today, here.

- Nate