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Open up the Pearl & Gold Envelope: 3Leaf Audio Proton P/G


RogueGuitarShop has just delivered you a Pearl and Gold Envelope. That’s right, whether it is Black and Gold or Pearl and Gold, RGS is all about audible gold and the 3leaf Audio Proton is all about that solid gold sound. Now available in standard or limited colors here at RGS this recreation of the Mutron III is by far one of the closest to the originals that we have ever heard. If you read the reviews, you will see that almost everyone out there feels the same. 

So what was the Mutron III anyways? is that like a pokemon character that plays smooth funk bass lines when summoned? No, it is an interstellar envelope filter first created by Mike Beigel and used by numerous amounts of music stars including; Bootsy Collins, Jerry Garcia, Larry Coryell and most notably on the clarinet in Stevie Wonders’ 1973 hit “higher Ground”. The soulful, organic response that the original produced had some of the sweetest swirling and swishing tone known to date.

There have been other recreations through-out the decades and i would be amiss if i didn’t mention Beigel’s work with EHX in the late 90’s with the whole Q-tron line of envelopes they produce. Still not quite that vintage shine but, no fear, Spencer and 3leaf Audio have got us squared away.

It has been out for a bit but incase you haven’t heard the Proton is a fabulous envelope filter that covers a huge range of freq with it’s 9-18v powering. Running it at 9 volts will keep the band width a little narrower and will be a little subdued in the high freq.’s but you can always bump up the power to increase the band width and headroom. The V3 also introduced a Tone knob to mix as opposed to the “sweep” toggle on the older models, this is great for dialing in just the right amount of whip and spank.

Looking for that classic color to your tone? Want to add some flex and squish to your sound? The Proton V3 in standard or luxurious Pearl and Gold are all the tonal heaven you are looking for. Got questions on Envelope filters or even other 3leaf products like the brand new Wonderlove Deluxe? Give is a comment or write me - - and i will hook you up!

Squeeze all you can out of your rig friend,