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Spotlight: the Duesenberg Starplayer TV


The Les Paul, a Strat, Ten-top 24… Ikons: every company has them and every player wants one. The Duesenberg Starplayer has been around for 20 years now and it is definitely deserving of all the accolades and praise it has received. Many guitarists have already come to understand the greatness that is Duesenberg but for the rest of us, lets take a moment to look at their flagship, the Starplayer TV.

From their beginnings in 1986 until now, the Duisenberg company out of Hannover, Germany has been systematically carving a name for itself into rock ’n roll history with every top of their stunningly crafted instruments. More than others in Duesenberg line up, the Starplayer TV model has had players from ever genre jonesin’ for one. Keb Mo was one of the first artists to jump on board with the original Starplayer models of ‘95. You can even hear some mean electric influences on his ’96 LP Just Like You with tracks like “Dangerous Mood” and “Standin’ at the Station”. Note the clarity and toughness of his tone on the songs' electric tracks. mmm mmm good.

A little while later the Starplayer turned into the Starplayer TV and by 2000 had captured the attention of Sheena Ringo, a talented singer-songwriter from Japan, with a touch of Morissette around the edges, that was killing the charts in your home country. Sheena rocks a Surf Green Starplayer TV and has all the attitude to do so, check it out! (dig the jazz master in this vid too!). Her popularity had players all over Japan wanting that classic Duesy look;.

Many other pros have since gotten their meat hooks on a Starplayer. One of the more notable artists playing one today is Mike Campbell (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers). When TPATH were on their 30th Anniversary Tour, Michael was touting a crisp looking Starplayer TV in his now signature blue w/ white racing stripes. I could go on for days listing the artists that play these fabulous guitars and it would probably end up looking something like the back of a Ernie Ball string pack.


So, why are all these players going gaga over Duesenbergs and you’ve never heard of them? For one, the look is incredible. The iconic German influence is present in both the visual appeal and functionality. But, seriously y’all, there is no tailpiece-vibrato out there that is as smooth, forgiving and accurate as the Deluxe Tremola that comes standard on all Starplayer TV’s (unless a stop tail is specified… but why, why would you not want this!). The Spruce top is a must in my opinion when looking for a semi-hollow axe and the maple back assures that your tone is tight, rich and completely responsive. A P90/Humbucker combo makes for a versatile setup, good for almost any genre of music. Aside from the instrument itself, the cases that these guitars come with are tanks and some of the finest looking out there, too.

RGS always have one of the best selections of Duesenberg’s ready to ship. Give us a ring, write us an email or even leave a comment and we will help you get your hands on a Duesy today. or 844.447.6483.

Until next week…keep rockin!