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Spotlight: New!!! Catalinbread Adineko Oil-Can Echo Unit


Ok RGS Clan and audiophiles everywhere, I can’t tell you all how stoked I am!!! You see, Back in the day of 2002-03, some friends and I had a little gig named TenTalents. At most there were 10 members but no more than 7 on stage at a time. Needless to say, when we recorded there were like 30-50 tracks per song after vocals and instrumentation we laid down (we even used a Nalgene bottle once as a shaker… yeah we were awesome-sauce). Anyways, i digress. 

They reason i am stoked today is because of the recent announcement from the crew over at Catalinbread. There was one particular song our band had recoded on our second album and the background vocals just weren’t fitting right. Then our faithful producer, Steve Sundholm, said something that has haunted my tone-craving ears ever since, “oh, what about an oil can delay”. 

Ok, lets back up. In the 60’s (yes, way back) there were two brothers named Raymond and Marvin Lubow. The pair were known as the Tel-Ray Electronics company. Raymond was pretty much a sound genius. You see, in their time, an echo had to be created with a very intricate, multi-reflective chamber or with a tape reel and tape machines in the 50’s and 60’s weren’t exactly the most stable of devices. Raymond utilized a different method in his design; an electro-mechanical echo by spinning a disc inside a metal drum of electrostatic fluid. Basically, he made a pickup and floated it in oil, as sound was past through the circuit, the pickup spinning inside the oil would create an “echo” effect. It is seriously one of the most haunting, ethereal and even magical echo-tones you will ever hear. 

All right, back to my story. Those darned vocals just wouldn’t mix. Steve popped the ProTools “Tel-Ray” delay plugin on 'em and instantaneously they melded into the background, creating a music wash of vocal wonderment. After the recording session, it was all i could think about; I had to get that tone. Unfortunately, in a market that wasn’t as developed as it is today, i couldn’t find very many pedals or effect units that created this “oil-can” delay effect in my price range. But all is ok now. I can truly chime in with those that say, “good things come to those who wait”. This week, Catalinbread announced their newest creation: the Adineko. Rightly named after the iconic echo-unit Ray Lubow and his brother created so many years ago. The same magical echo that filled my ears back then is now available and attainable!!! 

It’s not just me though, many players, since it creation, have loved the oil-can delay tone. Watery delay, lush echoes that a DM2 could only dream of and even oscillating reverb can be found inside this incredible unit. I am so happy that Catalinbread has our backs. Remember, don’t just use this on guitar! This echo is both transparent and filled with character and it can be used in so many situations. Keys and bass for days! Vocals like you can't imagine! are you a sound guy? try sticking one of these in your board's insert and throwing it in the mix… reggae-psychedelica!!!

RGS is always here for you and we got these puppies shipping fresh from the factory. Hit us up today on chat, email ( or even call, 844.447.6483 and we will hook you up. Find your ethereal-echo here.

Keep it "un-reel",