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Brand Review: The Making of a Milkman

If  you’ve ever had the pleasure of gigging or jamming with a true pedal steel player you understand the precision by which they wield their craft. Such an unforgiving instrument requires both the wisdom to know what to play and the technicality to pull it off. There is genius in the mind of a pedal steelist. Knowing that Milkman Sound is designed and built by a pedal steel player intrigued me to no end to want to hear and play this well-balanced line of amplifiers.

If you crave that classic California tone, you’ve come to the right place. Chime-y and sweet, these amps aren’t lacking in any low-end clarity and when driven they provide a vintage sag that is magical in the most musical way. There is an amp for all players in the Milkman line up. Here are a few we here at RogueGuitarShop think you should know about.
20W Creamer - I going to call this the one “the player’s amp". A superbly modernized take on probably the most recoded amp in history. Studio, stage or out jamming in the shop, the Creamer is there for you. Those wanting a classic low watt tone will love running this amp with 6V6’s. However, for you blues enthusiasts, by plugging in a pair of 6L6’s and simply flipping a switch on the back panel you can attain slightly more scooped mids with a fatter low end and a bit more head room too! Verb and Trem, both driven by tubes, complete this perfect package. 
85W Pedal Steel - This amp is dubbed the flagship of Milkman’s line up. Singing clarity is the name of the game. Being created for pedal steel means that the 85 Watt-er has a broader tonal palate. This translates into dynamics like you’ve never experienced; like your guitar is a totally new instrument just waiting to be discovered. And, if that wasn’t sweet enough, it’s easy to get lost in the 3 knob based, tube driven reverb. Need an amp for clean tone that rivals the gnarly output of your Plexi stack? The 85W has head room for days.
5W Half Pint - Hey, Im not gonna lie, most of us aren’t rock stars but that doesn’t mean we can’t have their killer tone. I mean, if Milkman"s good enough for Mayer... it needs to be in my living room or den and I need to be playing though it. Seriously. However, volume can be an issue though when it comes to family that might be in the other room or upstairs in bed. No problem! From 1 to 5 watts (controlled via a potentiometer on the back panel), the Half Pint provides the same exceptional tone and attitude the rest of the Milkman lineup boasts. Perfect for your home, office or late night jam sesh.
Have a hankerin’ for some vintage vibe and looking for monstrous classic tone? Get a Milkman. Give us a contact ( and let us deliver you some tasty tone.