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Why Quality Matters, A Review of Suhr Guitars


There is a simple reason why we love and stock Suhr Guitars at Rogue Guitar Shop. Quality.

Sure, there are a lot of quality guitar builders out there, so what makes Suhr Guitars stand out? Suhr has an extensive history of building exquisite instruments right from the start. In the 1970's John Suhr was hired to start the repair department of the well known Rudy's Music in NYC. While making repairs on thousands of guitars, he learned the good and bad features of each unique guitar. He applied what he learned to building his own guitars right there in the repair shop.

By the mid 80's the first Suhr guitars were offered getting extra traction introducing the Mark Knopfler signature model. In 1995 John Suhr took a job with Fender's Custom Shop as the senior master builder in California. By '97 Suhr dove into building his own guitars full time. Starting off doing almost all of the work himself Suhr has expanded now employing over 100 people in a 27,000 square foot facility in Lake Elsinore, California. 

Suhr Guitar produces Pro series, Antique series and Satin series guitars in addition to Bass guitars, amps, pick ups and pedals. The attention to detail in every product Suhr creates shouts out loud and clear the second it's in your hands. 

Check out these three masterpieces we currently have in stock for example...

Suhr Classic S

The Suhr Classic S features a Maple neck with your choice of Maple or Indian Rosewood fingerboard. The neck is tinted and finished with our satin acrylic urethane, which provides the smooth feel of natural wood as well as protection from moisture.

Alder is one of the most popular guitar body woods of the 1960's and is favored by blues and rock players for its strong, clear, full-bodied sound, with beefy mids and excellent lows.

The Gotoh 510 tremolo bridge features dual steel knife edge pivot points to provide greater functionality and years of trouble free performance. The 510s steel block increases sustain and tuning stability.

Available in two configurations: SSS with V60LP single coil pickups, or HSS with an SSV humbucker in the bridge position. The V60LP pickup is wound using a proprietary winding process that replicates the hand-wound pattern of some early-60's single-coil pickups which have a natural roll off on the top end, imparting sweeter and rounder highs. Both configurations include our SSCII noise reduction system.

Suhr Modern

The SuhrModern features a basswood body, plain maple top, and maple neck with pau ferro fingerboard. The Modern retains many of the most popular specifications of the Modern Pro including the sleek elliptical neck profile, balanced asymmetrical body, innovative neck heel, and stainless steel frets.

 The Suhr Modern Satin

There are many reasons to love African Okoume: it is beautiful, it sounds great, and it is lightweight. The Modern Satin was created to celebrate the sound and beauty of this tone wood.

The thin layer of satin finish allow the neck and body to resonate freely, producing a wide variety of tones from warm articulate Jazz lines to tight aggressive Metal riffs. Modern Satin’s tone is always loud and clear.

The Modern Satin is equipped with our Modern Elliptical neck profile. Rolled edges and a straight 14” fingerboard radius offers an extremely comfortable shape. The African Okoume neck is finished in satin, which provides the smooth feel of natural wood as well as protection from moisture.


For further info on our Suhr Guitars stock contact Michael at the shop or jump on chat and we will hook you up!

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