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There are so many delays out there today so it is refreshing to find one that really stands out like the Delay Llama Supreme by Jam Pedals. With this delay it's as if you are playing through a true vintage delay but with so much added versatility such as on board tap, modulation, subdivision, hold function and more.  The Delay Llama Supreme is a tone machine that will become an indispensable part of your sound adding warmth and depth through organic repeats which seamlessly integrate into your playing, courtesy of its...

Gamechanger Audio has put lightning in a box. Literally! The follow up of the innovative Plus Pedal is yet another highly unique device among the first of its kind.  The Plasma Pedal uses electrical discharges instead of the standard silicon or germanium transistors found in other overdrive pedals, resulting in a ton of rich harmonic saturation. In other words, this pedal can rage! The Plasma Pedal can completely crush, having very similar characteristics to signal choking or dying battery effects found in fuzz pedals. In order to engage this noise gate simply...

Jesse at Rogue Guitar Shop here to bring you something from one of my all time favorite musical gear manufacturers. What we know as Moog Music was originally founded by Robert Moog as R. A. Moog Co. in 1953.

Jim Coleman, the owner, creator, and builder of Sky Pedals made a name for himself with the Cloud 9 reverb. A simple yet versatile reverb pedal with capabilities to hit many classic reverb sounds, without the complication of presets and menus.

I sit down at my desk to a small black box about the size of a pedal. It has a picture of the pedal on top of the box. What is this strange “Simble” with it's wood grain looking finish? Jesse from Rogue Guitar Shop here, and in my hands I have the Mad Professor Simble Overdrive.