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Walrus Audio Lillian Phaser

We all know the term "phase", it speaks of certain point on a cycle and "phasing" is the process of every "phase" in that cycle.  Phasing is a moving texture.  It is swishing and swaying.  It is thick and chewy or it can be thin and cutting. Originally phasing was made in the recording process by taking a stereo signal and moving the tone from treble to bass on one side and from bass to treble on the other.  It is a moving without bending the pitch and this is what makes phase such a useful effect.  A solid phaser gives you movement without diverging from the original structure of your tone.  

Walrus Audio just released their new Lillian Phaser at NAMM this year and boy are we stoked!! Similiar in layout to its cousin the Julia Chorus, the Lillian Phaser is a superb tone tool that is begging to jump on your  board.

Simple controls help to dial in a work of phasing sounds; Rate, Width & Feedback. "Rate" controls the speed at which the phaser's swishing movement happens.  Turning the "Width" knob clockwise will increase the frequency range that the phase filter sweeps through.  Lower on the Width knob will produce a tighter sounding sweep, higher will sound more open or "wider".  The Feedback knob increases the amount of phased signal that gets filtered. In other words, this knob can make your phase simple and sweet at lower settings or more complex and fat the higher you go.

One of our favorite features on the Lillian is the 4th knob that is named "D-P-V".  Basically it is a Dry/Wet sweep.  All the way to the left is only your dry signal. As you increase the knob up to noon you add more of the phasing into the mix.  Noon on the d-V-P knob is 50/50 or more of your standard phase sound/response.  As you increase the D-V-P past noon you start to drop the unaffected dry tone for a lighter almost vibrato effect.

Stages.  Do you like a super rich, swishy phase tone? Maybe you don't need all that extra color and you only want that classic "single knob orange" phase tone..the Lillian has got your back.  For a simpler more exact phase tone set the Stages toggle to 4.  If you are in need of some extra special sauce added in then set the toggle to 6.

What's even better is the momentary feature! Walrus has installed a Smart Momentary Bypass Switch into the Lillian. How's it work??? Well, when the switch is in the off position you can momentarily turn on the phase effect by stepping on and holding down the footswitch.  Then when you are no longer in need of the effect simply let your foot up and the Lillian will slip right back into bypass mode.

 This all analog, multistage phaser is perfect for anyone looking to add phase to their board.  The small footprint and the top mount jacks make it very pedalboard friendly.  For any questions on the Lillian or if you are looking to pick one up, contact Michael ( or jump on chat and we will hook you up!