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3Leaf Audio

Rogue Guitar Shop is a proud dealer of 3Leaf Audio electric guitar and bass effects pedals made here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. All 3 LEAF AUDIO products are hand built in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

3 LEAF AUDIO is a one-man operation owned and operated by Spencer Doren. It goes something like this: He designs a circuit. He tweaks it. He tweaks it again. He tweak it 37 more times. He lays out the circuit board. He designs the enclosure. He builds it (with help from robots). He tests it. He boxes it up. He ships it. 

Modern construction techniques and precision components are utilized so that every stompbox is built to last and to ensure the best guitar tone possible.  Great pedals from 3Leaf Audio, whether it's fuzz, overdrive, bass pedal or envelope filter 3Leaf has you covered.  Pedals include the Chromatron, Octabvre Mini, Doom, Proton and Wonderlove Deluxe.  If you have any questions about these great pedals give us a call at 541-223-5478.

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