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Amptweaker specializes in—you guessed it—tweaking your tone. If you want to fine-tune your sound, Amptweaker will have the electric guitar or bass effects pedal to do it. From their incredibly popular Tight Drive, which has been used by the prolific Bucky Barrett, to the Tight Metal, which ups the ante on its overdrive cousin, and even a Bass Tight Drive configured specifically for the bass, Amptweaker will give you a pedal that can be tweaked to your heart's content. Providing knobs on knobs for dialing in the perfect tone, Amptweaker knows what to put into a pedal that will help you get your tone just right.

Amptweaker pedals are ergonomically designed and unique in their fine-tunability.  They take customer ideas and mix and mold them into tools that will help you find the sounds in your head.  James, master builder at Amptweaker, uses his amp design background to build pedals that feel like amps, and their Tight control lets you dial in the feel of the attack from tight and crunchy feeling to a loose, more legato feeling.  Most of the pedals have sufficient output level to be used as preamps, and work great recording direct when used with a speaker simulator.

Amptweaker is one man operation based here in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Using only the highest quality components and processes these boutique guitar pedals will always be worth the money. The Amptweaker Fat Metal, Big Rock Pro, Bass Tight Fuzz and the Swirl Pool are just a few of the premium hand made pedals offered.  Whether it's that boosted clean tone, overdrive, distortion, fuzz or tremolo/vibe and everything in between, Amptweaker offers some very musical electric guitar and bass pedals on the market – made by guitarists, for guitarists!

Shop Amptweaker now here at Rogue Guitar Shop.  For inquiries or questions call the shop at +541-223-5478 or emails us at