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They say that necessity is the mother of invention, which is one of the reasons why AUDIOTECH GUITAR PRODUCTS was started back in 1995. They wanted to offer guitar players an alternative to the high priced (and in some cases very cheaply made) guitar audio switching devices and effects pedals on the market.

When they stared out they noticed a renewed interest in a more simple "stomp box" effects pedal based approach among electric guitar players. Which as logic would dictate led them to create a variety of "stomp box" pedal based guitar audio switching devices and effects units.

Here at Rogue Guitar Shop we have an awesome selection of Audiotech electric guitar and bass effects pedals - all affordably priced to fit a working musician's budget. Whether it's just enough gain to push that slightly distorted amp over the edge or a mid range boost you need to add to your amplifier to help you stand out and cut through the mix, the PD-1 Pro-Verdrive and the MB-1 Mid Boost are just the tool for tone you need to get you covered.

Every AUDIOTECH product is built by hand to ensure quality, using only the finest components. Their products are built solid for years of reliability. Flexibility, affordability, quality and reliability have always been the goal at AUDIOTECH.

From rare vintage effects pedals from classic manufacturers to new guitar pedals crafted by today's boutique guitar effect designers Rogue Guitar Shop offers it all. Looking for a one of a kind pedal lovingly handwired by one of the world's top effect pedal designers? You'll find it here. Looking for a hard to find old-school vintage effect from the 60's, 70's or 80's? You'll find plenty of those here as well!

For questions or inquiries give us a call at +541-223-5478 or email