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Bad Cat Amps

Rogue Guitar Shop has a Bad Cat Amp to meet all your rock and roll needs!

Bad Cat Amplifiers only have one goal they strive for: Absolute perfection. Hand-built and hand-wired with an uncompromising attitude towards quality, every Bad Cat amp has been made to harness the power and unparalleled tone of the tube. Offering everything from amp cabinets to amplifier heads to combo amps, the selection here will impress beyond reason. Founded in 2000, Bad Cat wanted to create a classic amplifier that was more dependable and better built than anything else currently on the market. Consisting of a group of like-minded musicians that focus purely on the quality of the sound and construction, the products they have produced have turned more than a few heads. Known as a leading manufacturer worldwide, and having won more than their share of awards, Bad Cat's dedication to greatness has never waned. 

Bad Cat takes no prisoners when it comes to producing tube amplifiers; their offerings, like the Black Cat Legacy Series, Hot Cat 30R, and Cub Series, currently in its third iteration, provide fantastic, classic tone in sturdy housing. Favored by diverse artists like Maroon 5, Keith Urban, Slipknot, Arctic Monkeys, and even Taylor Swift, Bad Cat has become renowned for its high quality build and impressive hand-wiring. Using old-school building techniques coupled with modern materials and a broad foundation of knowledge, Bad Cat has successfully created a line of tube amplifiers, and even a few killer pedals, that sound amazing any way you play them. Shop Bad Cat amps and pedals here at Rogue Guitar Shop.  

The first thing you need to ask yourself though before diving in is what type of venue will you be typically playing in and how much power do you need to blow the roof off of it? Harnessing the warm tone of the tube, every amplifier in this section provides something different, so it's worth your time to explore them all.  The USA Player Series Cub preserves the purity of the original Cub circuit while offering increased flexibility. This improved design offers the ability to select between a 12AX7 or EF86 pre-amp tube using the mini toggle on the faceplate or the included footswitch. This new feature offers far more gain and versatility than previous Cub models.  If you're after something that can blend your need for thick gain and soft breakup, or boosting the purity of your tone then look no further than the Cub 15R USA Players Series.  They added a selectable tone stack boost in both modes to give this pure single channel amp four unique gain stages. It can achieve everything from the traditional Cub 12AX7 chime to complex EF86 gain tones that were unachievable on earlier versions of the Cub.  A two button footswitch to select the EF86 or 12AX7 pre-amp tube and engage the boost is included. Plus, they discovered a unique way to make reverb sit perfectly in the mix without ever overpowering the instrument or stealing tone from the preamp. This approach produces studio grade reverb right through your loudspeaker.

They built a customer amp for an artist that is so good that we want to offer it to everyone.  The "Stella" James Duke Signature Amp is a perfect example  The Stella is a simple single channel preamp based on the EF86 side of the Wild Cat.  It has a 40 WATT, EL34 based power section, running class A.  The control panel consist of the classic Bad Cat preamp: volume, five-way selector, bass, treble, cut and a master volume that can be switched out of the circuit. The Stella offers an EF86 front end for all of the sweet grind and chime that you have come to know as the classic Bad Cat sound. Combine this with the full force of the two EL34 's running in class A and you have a pure single channel amp capable of going from sweet ringing chime, to full force roar with a change in pick attack. The Stella was made custom for touring artist James Duke and was just so good they had to make it available to everyone.

As well, if you're looking for something truly unique to work into your setup, you have to check out The Unleash V2 Amplifier Attenuator. Innovatively designed to attenuate or boost any amplifier, increasing the wattage from 1 to 100, this is the world's first re-amplifier. Allowing you to go from soft and quiet to fire-breathingly loud with the flick of a switch, this amplifier also ensures the sound quality stays perfectly intact no matter the volume.

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