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Basic Audio

Rogue Guitar Shop is proud to partner with Basic Audio Handmade Guitar Effects!  Everything your heart desires from Basic Audio can be found here! 

Basic Audio is run by John Lyons. He's been making electric guitar effects pedals since 2002. He's from California, but now lives in West Virginia.  Making unique looking and sounding effects pedals with flexible tonalities is what he strives to do.

John takes the time to make the boxes look and sound as best he can. It's just him sitting in a basement making pedals and offering what he thinks is a solid product in sound as well as aesthetic.  John at Basic Audio has what makes a pedal builder more than just another guy that makes pedals. He has really tapped into what makes a simple electronic circuit special. His designs are well thought out and carve their own path in the world of boutique fuzz pedals.

These array of hand made guitar effects are excellent down to the last detail, and while they all share common ground in the realm of fuzz they each offer something unique. There isn't a single unusable sound in any of the pedals, and they are all very interactive to the different setups used. The designs really lend themselves to offering a wide range of tones, and the knobs offer different flavors at even the smallest tweak.These popular handmade guitar pedals include the Scarab DeluxeShore Bird Gain Pedal, Spooky Tooth Fuzz, and the Foxey Lady.  

If you have any questions about Basic Audio give us a call at +541-223-5478 or email at

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