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Bearfoot FX

The Trinity of Tone:  Compression – Distortion – Equalization.  BearFoot FX balances these three elements of great tone. Every BearFoot circuit centers around expertly combining these essentials to capture the most natural tones in recorded and live music production.

Bearfoot FX is a boutique pedal brand that hand-builds its products right out of St. Louis, Missouri and has a reputation for building some of the most “amp-like” effects pedals on the market. Their guitar effects pedals easily recreate some of your favorite amp tones at any volume and through any clean amp to help you find a tone that sounds more like you. Their overdrive pedals, particularly the Honey Bee Overdrive and their Dyna Red Distortion, are highly praised and they have one of the greatest boutique compression pedals around in their Pale Green Compressor. Check out these unique effects pedals from Bearfoot FX here at Rogue Guitar Shop.

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