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Buffalo FX

Buffalo FX are premium boutique guitar effects pedal company from France. Rogue Guitar Shop is your #1 expert dealer and carries the complete line of Buffalo guitar effects.

We are huge fans of the stuff Buffalo FX make. The TD-X and Patriot are some of our all time favorite effects and while we're certainly not talking about reinventing the wheel, Buffalo FX main man Steve has a unique way of tackling classics with a new, and often much needed, spin.  In time some go from a typical early/mid 70's setup, with mids scooped fuzz and boosters, to more mids humped and cutting pedals. While some may try their best to create those raw and edgy tones some need big fat tones, with lots of presence and less struggle.  The Carrera address this issue. You want that tube amp chime but with enough mid range and presence to effortlessly cut through the mix regardless of what amp and pickups you have.

The Evolution might be the most amp-like overdrive pedal ever played. Some guitarists have sacrificed a great dirty tone in order to have great clean tone; while some may normally play Fenders with plenty of headroom— a clean, jangly tone may be more your sound and you may hate messing with it. That has always meant using overdrive pedals that sounded manufactured. Using the Evolution feels like using an amp switcher to go between your trademarked clean tone and this amazing, rich overdrive that feels vibrant and alive!  

Other popular Buffalo FX pedals include the Propeller, M1 Stacked Ram's Head Fuzz and the Germanium Fuzz V3.  Shop now at Rogue Guitar Shop!  For all questions and inquiries call the shop at +541-223-5478 or email


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