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Carl Martin

Carl Martin prides itself on building effects pedals and amplifiers that create a superior analog sound at musician-friendly prices. Carl Martin’s line of pedals has reached 44 distinct effects pedals, such as the popular Carl Martin PlexiTone overdrive pedal series or the Octa-switch MK3, which allows for easier maneuvering and use of pedals on stage. Carl Martin produces both numerous guitar effects pedals as well as bass effects pedals, as well as a variety of tube amps for those who are crazy about analog tone.

Anyone who plays the electric guitar would agree they are powerful and versatile instruments, helping them make a wide range of killer riffs. Carl Martin is in the business of making distinctive and totally outstanding pedals to personalize your music and make it even better.  Founded in 1990 in Denmark, the Carl Martin Company produces a large line of guitar accessories including effects pedals, amplifiers and strings. They have developed a well-deserved reputation of providing innovative and unique products with "superior sound quality and features not seen on any other effect pedal".  Used by an impressive number of professional musicians such as Andy Wood, Phil Soussan, Paul Nelson, Fred Turner, and more, it's not surprising they are the pedal supplier of choice for so many artists.

If you're a bass player looking for a more specialized sound, the Carl Martin Bass Chorus pedal is a good choice. Made to complement the low frequencies of a bass guitar, this effect goes all the way down to a low B on a 5-string.  With the impressive selection of Carl Martin effects pedals to choose from, you're guaranteed to find the right one to suit your band or individual playing style. 

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