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Caroline Guitar Company

Launched in 2010, Caroline Guitar Company has been fortunate to pursue making the things they love, thanks to customers like you. They originally meant to just make a handful of hand-crafted guitar effects pedals just to prove they could, and then people wanted more. So they kept it going!

We know all too well that the boutique pedal marketplace is flooded with choices and options. Caroline is committed to the idea that what you’re purchasing is not only their gear, but their judgement and integrity as well.  The owner is a former full-time touring and recording guitarist who knows firsthand what sounds great in studios and stages, who is not content to rest on old ideas of what things should sound like, and welcomes the honest criticism and feedback.

The company was founded to bring guitar players fun and inspiring effects pedals in the spirit of the great tones of rock's past. Each of their pedals takes a standard effect type and pushes it in a new direction or two. The most popular of their pedals has been the Meteore Lo-Fi Reverb, named for the ultra-modern line 14 of the Paris Metro and its spacious interiors of glass, tile, and steel that add all kinds of nasty sonic textures at its stops. On the other hand the Kilobyte Lo-Fi delay channels lo-fi electronic sounds of the early '80s, while the popular Wave Cannon is meant to provide a deeper punch of distortion than just about any other pedal you're likely to encountered. If you're a guitarist in the market for a pedal that brings classic tones into a new realm, you should consider something from the Caroline Guitar Company. 

Everything Caroline makes is an original circuit and a unique approach which is why these pedals are quickly developing rabid fans throughout the world. They are a true group of sonic scientists with real world experience of playing on live stages and in the recording studio, giving us a truly exciting recipe for premium boutique guitar effects pedals. Everything they make is in their words "something we wished was out there for our own setups. After a LOT of revising, it becomes worthy of yours."  Every Caroline pedal is hand made in Columbia, South Carolina. 

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