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Cast Engineering

CAST Engineering hand builds all their pedals from their home base in Atlanta, Georgia.  They make a top quality electric guitar effects pedal with a lifetime guarantee, so you never have to worry about your gear when you buy a CAST Engineering pedal!  Steve Evans and John Frey own and operate Cast Engineering. 

Steve is an interesting man with a vibrant history.  He has been a lifelong guitar player, and adopted his passion for tone while in the midst of a 15 year run as guitar player in his church.  He learned quickly that he was having a hard time finding the guitar sounds he was hearing in his head.  So, he decided to make them and teamed up with John. 

John first picked up a guitar as a teenager.  His early influences included Steve Evans taught him how to play the intro to "Stairway to Heaven."  He continued playing in garage bands even as he left the USAF and moved to Atlanta to go back to college. John has 20 years of engineering and development experience in Aerospace, Sensors, Cable, Satellite, IPTV , Networking, Security and Music.  As an engineer, John has done analog, digital and mixed signal design.  He as worked in production support.  He has an extensive background in Software Development for embedded devices and in client server applications and now applies all of his learning to creating the best guitar effects pedals technology can offer!

These guys constantly strive to make the best, handbuilt products possible.  All their products use vintage, through hole technology to give the player the best tone possible. Play one and you will hear and feel the difference! Their pedals are visually and tonally unique, offering simple controls that are very dynamic and versatile.  Take for instance the Gypsy Haze which is a highly-tuned version of the original Tychobrahe Octavia, even using its original transformer from the ‘60s. Digging further into the circuit, you’re greeted with a pair of carefully curated germanium diodes that give it its characteristic upper-octave punch.  If you're looking for a guitar delay then the Casper has you covered, bringing you classic analog delay tones in a compact, digital pedal. Simple and to the point yet extremely dynamic and versatile.  The Pulse Drive is their enhanced version of the classic transistor based, Anthony Leo tremolo circuit. You can get those warm, clean tremolo tones to swampy vibes to choppy goodness.  Whatever tools for tone you're in need of Cast Engineering is a reliable partner in tone for you guitar, amp and effects on stage or in the studio!

Rogue Guitar Shop is proud to be your #1 expert Cast Engineering dealer!  For all questions or inquiries call the shop at +541-223-5478 or email