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Operating out of the offbeat world of Portland, Oregon, Rogue Guitar Shop is proud to join forces with Catalinbread as a local partner of boutique guitar effects pedals.  We love supporting our local pedal builders in Oregon, but Catalinbread is more than that.  We truly believe they are producing some of the best tools for tone for electric guitar and bass players alike worldwide, which is why we're all in on what Catalinbread is creating.  Catalinbread takes the same oddball ethos and fixation with perfection its hometown is known for and packs them into a sizable army of effects. Best known for their fan favorites like the gritty Dirty Little Secret overdrive or the Binson-emulating Echorec, the stable of effects here presses to limit of engineering imagination and then some with pedals like the mind-melting Bicycle Delay or through-zero flanger the Zero Point. Whether you're looking for a quality pedalboard staple or after an effect that will push your sound to the outer limits, you'll find it in Catalinbread's roster.

The Catalinbread Foundation Series Overdrives emulate classic tube amplifier circuits in pedal form and are designed to be used and treated just like you would the actual amplifiers. All of the real amp feel, dynamics, and tones you know and love at the stomp of a switch! Great for recreating cranked amp tones at low volumes or simulating your home amp into a venue-provided backline.  For that marshall amp style overdrive the Dirty Little Secret is the perfect choice to dirty up your tone.  If you're trying to nail Jimmy Paige's gigantic tone or the tone of the legendary 1970's Led Zeppelin's Royal Albert Hall performance the RAH is just the box of magic for you!

One of Catalinbread's many passions has been to accurately recreate classic echo and reverb units from back in the day - tape, drum, oil can, springs, plate. As sonic archivists, they seek to emulate all of the sounds and behaviors of the original units - respecting those elements that made them so compelling while continually looking for opportunities to expand their range and usefulness.  They also look to the Muse to steer their direction on completely new paths never really knowing where they will end up - some familiar places and others uncharted.  For example, inspired by the Maestro Echoplex, EP-3 model, perhaps the most famous tape delay ever, the Belle Epoch features everything we love about the EP-3 in a small, maintenance free pedal format.  If you're listening to any recording from the 70’s you’ll most likely hear the sound of a plate reverb, a giant mechanical contraption roughly the size of a king size bed. It was ubiquitous in the studio, and was the only reverb used on Pink Floyd’s iconic Dark Side of the Moon album for example.  Catalinbread has recaptured that effect in their Talisman Plate Reverb.

Clean boosting, dirty grit, octave freak-outs, classic garage sounds & screaming space dolphins - Catalinbread has your dirt needs covered! From warm and wooly to ripping and chunky. These you simply have to hear to believe, like the Katzenkönig. The Cat King. It sings like a fuzz, yet is tight like a distortion. It loves single coils and humbuckers. It sounds great into a clean amp or into an overdriven amp (or pedal). So, is it a fuzztortion? Or is it a distorfuzz? We’ll leave the semantics up to you but what we can tell you is that Katzenkönig combines the best elements of a Tone Bender MkII fuzz with a Rat distortion.

The spice for your meat and potatoes - create new sonic flavors with a dash of tape flanging, vintage amp tremolo, and old school BBD analog chorus to dish up tasty tones that compliment your unique playing style.  Enter the Coriolis Effect.  The Coriolis Effect is a phenomenon in classical mechanics where a trajectory becomes altered due to a rotating frame of reference. The Catalinbread® Coriolis™ Effect has three main parameters to change the equations of motion for your guitar signal. Turning down the Velocity and Acceleration controls drags your playing into the heart of a black hole, redshifting your tone into a lower pitch and filtering out the high frequencies. The Hold button will instantly pull you into the black hole stopping time completely. 

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