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Coldcraft Effects

At Coldcraft, there is a constant push to make bulletproof, premium boutique guitar effects pedals. They believe these products are the best at what they are intended to do.  The Cascade MKII stacks 2 distinctly different drives, a warm and a punchy tone in class A/B style voicing.  Individually, each stage has moderate gain, but used in combination, the harmonics and saturation multiplies for thick, complex tones.  The Sweet Kiwi is based on cascading power amp designs combining op amp clipping for musical sizzle and power amp stages for thick, juicy muscle, fuzz tones.  The Fiesta Fuzz started out as a hybrid using modern transistor arrays, jfets and mosfets for a wide tonal range with a modern edge.

All these and more make for building a guitar effects suite worthy of tonal bliss on the stage or in the studio!  Rogue Guitar Shop is your #1 expert dealer.  Shop now!  For inquiries or questions call the shop at +541-223-5478 or email

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