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Death By Audio

Death By Audio handmakes effect pedals in an underground warehouse in Queens, NYC.

Founded in 2002 by A Place To Bury Strangers singer-guitarist Oliver Ackermann, Death By Audio’s inaugural years were spent warehouse-jumping from Virginia to Brooklyn, eventually spending nine years in the infamous Williamsburg Death By Audio effects pedal factory, venue, recording studio, and live-work space. After the venue closed its doors in 2014, Death By Audio moved the effects pedal workshop to Queens, where Oliver and crew continue to make pedals by hand.

Every effect pedal they build features sturdy construction to survive even your loudest and most energetic live performances and they precisely engineer each pedal with the best components available to expand your musical horizons with new and original sounds. Bizarre technologies like medical-grade IC chips, obsolete transistors, and military surplus electronics are pushed beyond their limits to create dozens upon dozens of loud, abrasive, and mind-bending effect pedals that inspire musicians from DIY noise freaks to touring pros at the practice spot, in the recording studio, and onstage.  Some of our favorites include the Echo Dream 2, a powerful, ethereal delay pedal with otherworldly controls; or Absolute Destruction, their most insane pedal, showing little-to-no respect for what instruments normally sound like, or even what people want them to sound like; and the Apocalypse, their jack-of-all trades fuzz pedal.

The goal at Death By Audio is to inspire you. Go and play some music right now. Hear your sound transform through one of their effect pedals. Turn your instrument upside down and play it with your other hand. Tape a microphone to your head. Search for cool and interesting sounds to make something new in the world.  And because they encourage you to destroy things, all Death By Audio effect pedals are guaranteed for life. If you can possibly break it, they will fix it. 

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