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Dr. No

"Let me introduce myself, My Name is Dr.No and for the last two decades I have dedicated all my efforts to one thing and one thing only; capturing and re-producing the mythical yet authentic sounds of the past. Years and years of hard labour, relentless research and testing in my laboratories (located in the heart of a magical place in the Netherlands called Eindhoven where Phillips invented their first light bulb), have now resulted in my insane collection of hand-crafted analog guitar effects. Yes...every single effect is built and created by me and only me." - Dr.No

Dr. No Effects are a collection of bold and aesthetically charming guitar effects pedals for musicians who appreciate instruments as art and look beyond simply the measure of their utility for inspiration. Whether it's a very solid Drive effect, Reverb/Delay combos or capturing a mood that is really something special to behold there is certainly a hand-crafted tool for your tone within their collection. But even more than the mere function of the pedal, these boutique stompboxes are objects of physical and intangible beauty for musicians who really, really love pedals and appreciate the efforts of builders who go above and beyond to exert their full creative potential when making such talismanic instruments of wonder. Those of you who understand and appreciate craftsmanship at this level can likely already hear the musical roads you’ll tread before you even step on the foot-switches. 

As an example, the PowerDriver MKII is to be called the Holy Grail of overdrive effects on steroids and his answer to the Famous GREEN TS808 from Ibanez.  We are happy to be a Dr. No Effects dealer here at Rogue Guitar Shop.

Shop here for all Dr. No Effects.  For questions or inquiries contact the shop at +541-223-5478 or email

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