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Durham Electronics

Durham Electronics has boxed up Austin Texas and put a blue light on it long before the bandwagon came to town! 

Handmade guitar effect pedals from Austin, TX, USA since 2000.  All Durham line effects pedals are built with line buffers, which can actually help to improve signal loss over long cable runs.  They design their pedals to maintain the original tone of the amp you're playing through, only adding more sustain, gain, level or whatever the effect may be as you allow.  It's quite impressive how natural the pedals sound and feel as you play, even when switching guitars.

"I designed the SEX DRIVE pedal to fulfill the very particular needs of good friend Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan, ARC Angels, David Bowie, Grammy winning producer, all around musician). The goal was to build a “clean-boost” pedal that would supply additional bottom end and sustain when needed."  If you're looking for a Neil Young sound in a box look no further than the Crazy Horse.  This is, I believe, the most adaptable distortion/fuzz pedal on the market. Definitely not a one trick pony! Though the inspiration for this pedal came from a legendary tone, it’s versatility is endless. 

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