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Friedman Amplification

Friedman Amplification is the brainchild of Dave Friedman, one of the men behind iconic tones like those of Eddie Van Halen and Steve Stevens. Famed for his exacting and innovative amp building, modding, and repairing, Friedman finally branched out and developed his own line of amplifiers. The magic Friedman imparts in his amps has made them favorites of artists like Joe Bonamassa, Dave Grohl, and dozens more. These artists have even collaborated with Friedman to create signature amps, like the Buxom Betty signature amp head. 

Delivering arguably some of the best distortion tones you’ll ever hear, Friedman amps also boast gorgeous cleans with plenty of headroom. Friedman has also dipped their toes into the world of guitar effects pedals, with a line of stompboxes that derive from their amplifier lineup.  With a huge number of high-profile names on their roster, such as Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Bill Kelliher (Mastodon) and Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), you can be assured that when it comes to electric guitar, their amps mean serious business!

The company’s founder, Dave Friedman, had spent years working for some of the biggest names in the music industry. With 25 years of experience building full-fledged tour-ready rigs and modifying amplifiers for some prestigious clientele, Friedman decided to start his very own amplifier company in sunny California.  With Dave’s extensive knowledge and his skilled team of employees, Friedman has developed an enviable amplifier range. Using only the best hand-picked audiophile components and parts, the attention to detail with Friedman is evident, with Dave inspecting, playing and signing every amp before shipping to retailers.

Friedman’s BE-100 is what put the brand on the map. Essentially a hot-rodded Plexi, this amp head can dish out some of the most crushing high-gain tones around. Used by a number of artists, this amp has become a true modern classic. Another staple of their range is the Dirty Shirley Combo, a single channel amplifier with a fat British sound and an open back 1X12 cabinet, providing beautiful cleans to pure filth. With a number of their amps available as heads or combos, Friedman also build super-sturdy speaker cabinets. Featuring high-end speakers from Celestion, they effortlessly deliver the iconic Friedman tone.

Friedman’s BE-OD pedal derives from their BE-100’s distortion channel. Unveiled at the 2016 NAMM show, this incredible unit catches the essence of the BE-100 guitar amp with great conviction. Other stompboxes in their pedal range include the Dirty Shirley OverDrive and the tube-driven Motor City Overdrive, similarly offering genuine Friedman tones in a tiny enclosure.

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