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Morgan Amplification

When quality counts, count on Morgan Amps and Rogue Guitar Shop!  We proudly stand behind Morgan Amps products because we know that they deliver outstanding quality and bang for the buck. 

The amps of Morgan Amplification, designed by Joe Morgan, contain the highest quality components that tube amps can have: custom-designed Mercury Magnetics power and output transformers, hand-wired circuitry: the works. The beauty of Morgan amps -- like the popular AC20 -- lies in their simplicity; it doesn't take a lot to make a good tube amp, just excellent parts and sturdy design. Playing equally well with any kind of guitar, whether single-coil or humbucker, passive or active pickups, and taking on pedals like a champ, Morgan amps are truly designed for the modern player. 

Morgan Amplication was born out of a need for a simple, touch sensitive, responsive and great sounding amplifier which is offered at a price that is not out of reach for most players. Morgan amps are not built around a bunch of different channels or switches but rather an amplifier that becomes as much as an instrument as your guitar.  Joe Morgan has been building, modifying and repairing amplifiers since 1996. His designs are seen in stadiums and arenas all over the world. It is hard to turn on a music awards show without seeing his products. Joe designs for the working musician, whether that means a Sunday morning church gig or touring the world with James Taylor.

Tube amps are only as good as their components and Morgan Amplification only select the best of the best. This includes custom designed Mercury Magnetics power and output transformers which provide the best possible sonic signature. Their reliable hand-wired instruments will bring you pleasure for years to come and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.  Morgan Amps are designed to be a professional grade guitar amplifier that is meant to perform year after year. There is a reason that the classic amps of the 50s and 60s are still sought after while the watered down feature laden amps that have replaced them become forgotten shortly after they are released.

Morgan Amps are available in many models, such as the popular AC20 Deluxe, MVP23, and one of the shop favorites, the RCA35.  Your music is important to you, and Morgan Amps can help you make it the best it can be. Join the many happy customers who swear by Morgan Amps products!

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