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Gary Moore, Bryan Adams, T.M. Stevens, Jerry Donahue, Guthrie Trapp and seemingly countless other amazing players have made Nobels products part of their sonic arsenal over the years and let me tell you it isn’t very often that someone designs something that people treat as a trusted companion for over two decades!

Nobels is really happy that the re-issue Overdrive is now available again. They have worked very hard to give you, the musician exactly what you wanted – the Original ODR-1 that has developed its own almost cult following since they originally designed and engineered it way back in 1985. In those days there seemed to be countless overdrives on the market that had what they describe as the ‘nasal’ tone but they worked hard on creating a very ‘open’ sounding pedal that worked with you and your amplifier. The result was the ODR-1, the pedal that responds to your dynamics and adds texture to your tone in a very natural, musical way.

After the launch of the legendary ODR-1 they then came out with the ODR-mini, which delivers a creamy, natural overdrive – Everything from pushed clean amp tones to gain filled stacks! It has the same tones as its legendary brother – the ODR-1. You‘ll love the warm mid-gain tones for rock and blues, and the screaming hard rock sounds from the ODR-1 Mini. Guaranteed to be a BIG part of your sound while a small part of your pedal board.

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