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Preamp Pedal

Have you debated preamp pedal vs overdrive? Whether you need to drive your amplifier, amplify your guitar signal, add some eq or need other tone sculpting capabilities a preamp pedal could be the best solution for your guitar rig.

A preamp or “preamplifier” is a piece of equipment used to help increase the dB volume of an inputted microphone signal, to reach what is known as ‘line-level’, which is the expected dB level to which all recording equipment, including Studio EQ, Compressors work with.  Therefore, a guitar preamp simply increases the inputted guitar signal, to reach line level, in preparation for additional processing through the use of other guitar effects such as guitar loop pedalsguitar reverb pedals, etc. Because of the pedal’s functionality, it is placed early in the signal chain, before any other guitar processor.

Within the guitar pedal context, both guitar preamp pedals and guitar booster pedals have a similar role, with both units increasing the input signal dB level. However, a preamp pedal will distinctly increase this input signal to what is known as ‘line level‘ which can be described as the nominal signal level to which a device operates at, expressed in decibels, against a standard reference voltage. Without going overtly into depth, the purpose of preamp pedal is to ensure db synchronicity between audio equipment sources.

Guitar preamps are used in both studio recording environments, and in live performance settings.  Some of our suggestions include the Catalinbread Epoch Pre, the Pettyjohn Electronics Standard PreDrive and the Jackson Audio Prism

Additionally, if you’re looking for Bass Preamp Pedals, we have a vast array to choose from, including Darkglass Electronics!

Rogue Guitar Shop offers the best in guitar preamp pedals currently on the market including tube preamp pedals, bass preamps and the best preamps for acoustic guitar. Let us help you pick on out.