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Red Panda

Red Panda is located in Detroit, Michigan in the United States.  They are creating some of the most sought-after and innovative boutique pedals on the market today. Whether it's the acclaimed Context reverb, the granular Particle delay, the reverse and tape stop effects, pitch shifting, time stretching modulation of the Tensor, or the wild bitcrushing Bitmap, tone hounds are clamoring to get Red Panda pedals on their board. Designed with the experimental musician in mind, Red Panda's digital effects are quickly becoming staples in the boutique pedal world. 

Red Panda designs and manufactures guitar effects pedals for experimentally-minded musicians. They focus on digital signal processing to create effects that warp, twist, and bend sound without losing the underlying musical quality and control. They create digital algorithms that behave in natural, organic ways without being direct models of analog circuits, pushing hardware to its limit, developing new signal processing techniques to help you explore sound. These products are the result of an iterative design process that takes 12-24 months. The result is a set of seamless features with an efficient, intuitive interface, high-quality sound, and unique character.

Each Red Panda pedal is true bypass and has been designed and built using the highest quality components available, all in the USA. Whether you go for the Red Panda Particle, Tensor, Context, Raster or Bitmap, these pedals are sure to inspire the user to get creative. Make sure you grab one from us today, with FREE shipping on all orders. Explore your sound with Red Panda.

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