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Stone Deaf FX

Stone Deaf FX and Amplification, is among the leaders in the United Kingdom in manufacturing forward-thinking boutique effects pedals and amps. What started with the PDF-1 model, a copy of the Maestro MPF-1 parametric filter designed by Bob Moog, has birthed a range of fuzz, tremolo, delay and overdrive pedals with insanely high build quality and fresh approaches to old circuits. Pedals like the Fig Fumb, Tremotron and the PDF-2 Parametric Distortion Filter are just a few of their signature pedals that make them synonymous wih high end craftsmanship and guitar tone.  At NAMM in 2016, Stone Deaf showed off their new line of digitally-controlled tube amplifiers with switchable voicing and instantly re-callable settings, turning the heads and opening the ears of everyone at the show. Browse our selection of Stone Deaf FX gear to find what you need!