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Suhr Guitars

Rogue Guitar Shop is proud to be your expert Suhr Guitar dealer! 

John Suhr started building his own guitars about 35 years ago. Like many well known luthiers, he was searching for the perfect tone, which was something he wasn't finding with the major manufacturers.  In the early 80's Suhr started building electric guitars in New York. It was during this time that the "Pensa-Suhr" guitars were born. John built guitars under the "Pensa-Suhr" name for greats such as Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Lou Reed, Bill Connors, Steve Stevens, Reb Beach, Pat Thrall, Little Steven, Victor Bailey, Chuck Loeb, Eddie Martinez (Robert Palmer) and many others. In the late 1990s, Suhr Guitars was born.

John Suhr’s Fender-inspired work like the Classic T reaches many more iconic artists like Scott Henderson, Pete Thorn (check out his custom Standard model guitar) and Bill Frisell. Effect pedals like the Shiba Drive, and a successful line of amplifiers like the Badger are more fodder for a legacy that is still writing itself.

Rogue Guitar Shop is proud to have a wide selection of Suhr electric guitars for sale. Get one of the stock Moderns, Classic S or the Suhr Alt T. If you have any questions about a purchase or about ordering a custom guitar give us a call at +541-223-5478 or email us at