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Tap Tempo

A tap tempo pedal sometimes referred to as a tap tempo switch is an external momentary switch that connects to the tempo or expression output of your delay or modulation pedal.

Almost all modulation and delay effect pedals that I can think of allow you to control the time of the effect using a knob. However, this is not always convenient when jamming or playing live to songs with different tempos. You don't want to have to bend down after each song to set the time of the pedal manually. Therefore the tap tempo pedal allows you to set the time of your delay or modulation effect very quickly with your foot. A tap tempo pedal also allows for the most accurate way of setting the tempo. When doing so manually, it is hard to know that you're setting the correct tempo.

There are many types of pedals you can use tap tempo on however they generally include time and modulation effects such as delay and tremolo. Some reverb pedals come with a tap tempo function and I've even seen a distortion pedal that has a tap tempo function. Having said that, delay pedals are definitely the most popular to use a tap tempo as delay is a time based effect and therefore controlling this time in a song is important for some. It is very important to note that not all delay or modulation pedals have the function for an external tap tempo switch so make sure before buying one that your pedal allows for tap tempo.

Another important thing to keep in mind when buying a tap tempo pedal is that they are universal in that they will work on any pedal that has a tap tempo output. For this reason, it does not matter what brand your pedal is or if the tap tempo is a different brand. They'll work on pretty much all tap tempo pedals.

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