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Transparent Overdrive Pedal

Transparent overdrive pedals stand somewhere between distortion and clean boost pedals on the sound amplifier spectrum. They are their own unique category of pedals! 

The past several years have seen a sharp increase in interest and usage of transparent overdrive. Unlike classic overdrives and distortion effects, transparent overdrives emphasize the natural tone of your guitar and amp, simply enhancing what's there instead of cloaking the sound in a layer of noise and coloration. Led by the game-changing Fulltone OCD in the '90s and extending to newer boutique options like the JHS Morning Glory and Paul Cochran Timmy, the class of transparent overdrives has come to form a distinct subsection of the drive pedal world.  Very touch-responsive, focusing on less-colored, high-headroom overdrive, they allow the sound of your guitar and amp to be at the forefront. Not as gain-y as a distortion but with more drive than a clean boost, these pedals can help you dial in edge-of-breakup sounds or push your distorted amp into higher-gain territory. 

So, if you want to achieve the overdrive effect while keeping your sound clean and uncolored, you need a good transparent overdrive pedal. There are many models out there that claim they’ll help you do that, but only a few of them really deliver.  Whether you are looking for an economical option or the best high end transparent overdrive for worship music, Rogue Guitar Shop has it.  Here are six great examples we have picked out, ranging from both high and low in price, that we are very confident will get you there.

1.  Paul Cochrane Timmy 15th Anniversary V3 Overdrive
2.  Pettyjohn Electronics Chime MKIII Overdrive
3.  Vemuram Jan Ray
4.  JHS Morning Glory
5.  Wampler Tumnus
6.  Electro-Harmonix Crayon

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