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Vemuram is a Japanese guitar effects pedal brand uniquely created for the musicians performing on stage, in the studio or at home worldwide.  Over the years Vemuram has been seeking the guitar player’s “Holy Grail of Overdrive Pedals”.  Their designer is a veteran technician who not only has extensive maintenance/customization experience in vintage amplifiers and pedals, but also has developed pedals for various manufacturers in the past. 

Vemuram creates their pedals under one single guiding principle, “For Musicians”.  Their pedals let musicians fully express their own sound and sensibility through unique design and play-ability.  “Vemuram” is a brand that can help and achieve your personal sound.   They have 4 primary solutions built into their pedals that help them achieve this.

“Create true authentic pedals”:  This is our passion in bringing “VEMURAM” to life.  A pedal that can truly perform on stage and in recordings.  A pedal that does not destroy the original sound of the guitars and amplifiers.  A pedal that adds organic and natural harmony to the tone.  It took us three years in development to accomplish these goals.  We built hundreds of engineering samples and had many renowned guitar players to play them on stage (and in recordings) to give us their thoughts and feedbacks.

Full Brass Body:  The first solution is using Brass as the casing material.  Why do we use brass  Brass works well in shutting out the static-ridden “noise”.  The performance is of no comparison to the traditional aluminum casing.  The heavy brass body offers an outstanding stability on stage.  The fact that brass is used in various wind instruments should speak for itself, brass offers a solid and robust luxuriousness.

100% Hand-Built:  Our second solution for our quality tone is to build the pedal by hand.  Many companies boast that their products are “hand-built by craftsmen”.  But recently in most cases circuit boards are made with surface mounted parts simply laid out on the boards according to circuit schematics.  We know from experience that this approach often does not result in the tone intended.  To tackle this issue, we go through a rigorous process where we customize the circuits and place each parts to achieve the tone that we intend to be. The heart of the pedal is the circuit, that is the reason why we manually modify each and every finished circuit board.  We take pride in being a manufacturer particularly in the sense of “Hand Built” products.

The Secret “Trimmer” Control:  The third and most important solution is the Secret “Trimmer” equipped on all of our pedals. How did this trimmer come about?  During our research and development, we asked musicians “how much gain do you actually want?”  We arrived at a simple and natural answer that the ideal range of gain differs for each player.  Depending on the pickups being used, be it single coil or humbuckers, the selection of clean or overdrive channel on the amplifier, and the playing style.  Simply adjusting the gain control is not the sufficient answer to solve this problem.  The trimmer control is designed to respond to this challenging request and enable musicians to control the gain range.  With this trimmer, musicians can preset the range to their desired level, and make fine adjustments for the best outcome.

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