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CREATIVITY:  With the Product we offer we want to inspire a passion for creativity in our clients. We believe in giving those that work with and for RGS creative license to take risks and maximize their creative power.  We want to give our employees a strong sense of achievement, personal ownership in the job and buy-in to the success of the company. 


RELATIONSHIP: Our relationships with our clients and manufacturers are our most important asset. We aspire for RGS to offer some of the best advice and customer service in the industry and work tirelessly to ensure that each customer knows they can trust us. We aim to build a community where guitar players and musicians come and feel confident that they are getting the best on every level. At RGS, we are a family.  We protect that aspect of our business with a lot of energy.


SELLING BAD ASS GEAR: Rogue Guitar Shop is in the industry for one simple reason.  We love guitar equipment. Not only are we business people who do this for a living, we are musicians who understand the product and that sound advice and good prices are hard to find. We work hard trying to find amazing products so that guitarists can worry less about their equipment and concentrate more on creativity and music.