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Cusack Music Resound Reverb

By Cusack Music | SKU: RGS-CSK-RSD |

                                                                                                                                           The pedal has three main modes;  Bypass, Live, and Preset Bypass mode-bypasses the pedal complet...- Read More

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  1.                                                                                                                                            The pedal has three main modes;  Bypass, Live, and Preset

Bypass mode-bypasses the pedal completely, both Lt and Rt LED’s will be off.     

Live mode- all controls are live and indicate the current setting

Preset mode-is a saved state of all the controls  (pots and switches)

    1.There are eight presets available:

  1. Four Banks: Red, Green, Blue, Violet indicated by the BIG LED
  2. Within each Bank, there are two presets, Lt and Rt.
  3. To cycle through the Banks (changing BIG LED color), push L and M simultaneously.
  1. To change Presets within a Bank, press L or R.
  2. In Preset Mode, pot position has no meaning (unless you turn a pot)
  3. If you turn a pot in Preset Mode, that pot now becomes live. The preset light will begin to flash to indicate a change has been made. If you don’t save the change as a preset it will revert to the previous saved version when you next come back to it.
  1. From Bypass, press M and R simultaneously to enter Live Mode. Live mode will be indicated by the BIG LED slowly alternating between white and the bank color .
  2. From Bypass, press L or R to enter Preset Mode. You will go to the L or R Preset for the selected Bank indicated by the BIG LED.
  3. To toggle between Live and Preset, press M and R simultaneously
  1. Saving a Preset:
    1. This process works in both Live and Preset Modes.
    2. Press the L and R switches simultaneously to go into Save Mode, preset LEDs will flash.
    3. Select the Bank you want with the M footswitch. Press L or R to save to chosen preset side.  The preset lights will stop flashing leaving the preset light chosen on, save mode is exited and the preset is stored in the bank and side selected.
    4. While in preset mode, an already programmed preset can also be moved to any other selected bank/side combination by following the same method as described above.
  2. Extend function:
  3. The extend function is engaged with the M footswitch
  4. It extends the decay pot to fully open, with effect dependent upon the program engaged.
  5.    Controls:
  6. Each reverb program contains three parameter controls; Par. 1, Par. 2, and Decay
  7. The mix control is universal and affects the overall mix, from fully “dry” to fully “wet”

                                                            Other controls:

  1. Cascade switch- determines whether the notes played after the Extend footswitch is 

                           engaged add to the extended notes or are unaffected. Left is off, right is on.   

  1. Level knob- determines the overall volume level, plus or minus 5db from unity gain.
  2. Trails switch-determines whether decay completes or not after bypassing the pedal. If  

                          trails switch is to the left, the program running will end when bypassed, if it is to the right

                          decay already in the program will complete.  Note : If preset L and R are two versions of             

                          the same program the decay will carry between them if you switch from one to the other,

                          making program transitions seamless.   

  1. Internally selectable user options:    
  2. Stereo or Expression pedal option- the right output jack (as seen from the face of the                 

                            pedal) is configurable between use as a stereo output or use with an expression pedal.

                            The user can select which function this jack serves by moving the two small jumpers on         

                            the board from STEREO to EXP IN . To change, pull the jumpers off by hand and

                            push back on the option chosen.  If the user chooses the expression pedal

                            option, the control that is affected by the expression pedal is chosen by pressing L,M,R

                            footswitches simultaneously. The first control knob that is moved next becomes the one

                            affected by the expression pedal. Save the expression pedal parameter in the same

                            manner as the other presets.  Note that each program can have a separate expression                       

                            pedal function.           

  1. Right stereo output WET or DRY option- If the stereo option is chosen , the right output

                            jack can be configured to have its’ signal path come from the reverb program or from                 

                            original input into the pedal. This is easily done by pulling off the jumper next to the   

                            input jack and moving it to the desired position (left WET, right DRY).

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