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Goosoniqueworx 7thvn

By Goosoniqueworx | SKU: RGS-GOOS-7THVN |

The 7thvntm (Seventheaventm) dual channel high gain Jfet distortion pedal. White with Gold Graphics and KnobsRed with Gold Graphics and Knobs (Limited Edition Series)We are proud to release an upgraded vesion of the highly popular sevent...- Read More

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The 7thvntm (Seventheaventm) dual channel high gain Jfet distortion pedal.

White with Gold Graphics and Knobs

Red with Gold Graphics and Knobs (Limited Edition Series)

We are proud to release an upgraded vesion of the highly popular seventheaventm with several modifications and upgrades to better serve demands of guitarists today.

The new 7thvntm brings back the highly popuplar dual channel high gain pedal by Singapore based company Goosoniqueworxtm.
The 7thvntm pushes the limits of a cascaded Jfet based distortion engines to a new level rarely attempted in the guitar effects gear industry.

With an original concept and approach to high gain distortion, the 7thvntm delivers a wide

range of gain structure from mild overdrive to high gain distortion that is similar to high gain amps.


1. Dual Channels (Green - Red)

The 7thvntm comes with dual channels foot switchable gain channels (unavailable on previous release).
The Green channel low gain with slight breakup into heavy distortion with higher headroom. It can be pushed further with any clean boost or overdrive type pedals prior in the chain.
The Red channel offers full high gain distortion with higher head room and increased saturation.
Both channels cleans up naturally with rolling off guitar volume knob. (Depending on type of pickup used)

2. Amp like EQ

With the three band modified highly interactive tone stack, Bass, Mid and Treble, set post distortion giving a wider spectrum of color for tone sculpting.

Highly interactive tone stack with Audio Taper pots improves spread on the knobs for tone sculpting and possibilities to mimic your favorite amp.

3. Presence/Feedback (toggle switchable)

Together with a presence and feedback selector toggle switch, the user can further adjust to suit different amp and speaker cab setup.
A compressed darker tone with added bass on the feedback , or brighter mid rich tone on the presence, expands tone tweaking possibilities.
The highlight being it's ability to mimic the overdiven tone of the clean amp that the pedal is plugged into giving that transparent feature unlike other.

4. Pre-EQ

All new 7thvntm added feature gives treble bleed for those with a darker overwound or active humbucker pickups to have a clearer tone at any gain setting. This feature retains natural brightness when the guitar volume knob is rolled off for less gain. Two settings to choose from giving added possibilities for tone tweaking.

5. Jfet Output Buffer

Another new feature on the 7thvntm will be the dedicated Jfet output buffer with low impedance output that is easily capable of driving long cables and capacitive loads assures flawless integration with external units and not suffer degradation or high frequency loss.

6. Dynamics

The builders choice on Jfets has to be it's enhanced pick sensitivity and dynamics unlike other.
Giving full control on the playing style, guitar type or pickup configuration. This is one feature that has attracted guitar players to the 7thvntm over the years.
The 7thvntm pedals enhanced ability to integrate with other effects pedals in the chain thus eliminating any pedal board conflicts.

7. Noise

The most crucial and primary design feature is to eliminate noise floor with the 7thvntm engagaged on high gain saturation Red channel.

This also eliminates the requirement of a noise supressor which may reduce the integrity and feel of the tone of the players rig and setup. Only natural controlable feedback is allowed.


  • The 7thvntm powers up via a standard 2.1mm negative center DC power jack for
  • 9Vdc to 18 Vdc MAX. This unit does not operate on batteries.
  • Current Draw 7mA
  • Enclosure and Dimensions
    • Width 120mm
    • Depth 94mm
    • Height 35mm
  • Powder coated aluminium enclosures with Silk Screened graphics.

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