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Pettyjohn Electronics Lift MK II

By Pettyjohn Electronics | SKU: RGS-PTJ-LFT |

The Pettyjohn LIFT MKII is a big update to our classic Foundry Series buffer/boost preamp pedal. The LIFT MKII draws inspiration from the the PreDrive and brings the most loved features to our new single pedal Foundry Series MKII enclos...- Read More

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The Pettyjohn LIFT MKII is a big update to our classic Foundry Series buffer/boost preamp pedal. The LIFT MKII draws inspiration from the the PreDrive and brings the most loved features to our new single pedal Foundry Series MKII enclosure. 



The LIFT operates as an Always-On preamp pedal, being either in Buffer mode or Boost mode, switchable via the new soft touch footswitch. The Buffer is a truly state-of-the-art circuit, featuring a single Discrete Opamp powered by our new proprietary dual-rail power supply providing huge headroom and tuned for absolute transparency with frequency range from 30Hz to 25kHz. The Discrete Opamp gently ‘lifts’ the tonal quality without unwanted color, unlocking every nuance of your guitars tone with a musical, 3-D depth. 



The Boost mode, activated via the footswitch activates the “Boost” gain knob and unlocks loads of clean gain! The LIFT MKII boost mode has up to a wopping 30dB of gain off of a standard 9v adapter thanks to our proprietary dual rail power supply that boosts the internal voltage to +/-18v for 36 volts of headroom. This industry leading headroom in a pedal allows us to give the LIFT MKII the most CLEAN gain on the market. It also means every nuance of your guitar and playing gets preserved with absolute fidelity. 



The footswitch has been updated from a clunky 4PDT switch on the LIFT V1 to a soft touch, relay based system for the MKII! 



We further refined the passive High Cut and Low Cut controls, which sweep from the outer edges of the audible frequency range for exceptional tone shaping. The LOWS control sweeps from 30Hz to 1.5kHz with a gentle, musical 6 db/octave slope. This control can be internally assigned to be always on with the buffer or to activate only in Boost mode and ships in Boost mode configuration. The HIGHS takes care of shaping the top end with a transparent WIMA cap from 22kHz to 1kHz. The HIGHS filter is only active in Boost mode.



 Finally, we made a big departure from the LIFT V1 and added the much requested Harmonic Drive circuit from the Handwired PreDrive to the MKII. This can be activated via the toggle switch labeled ON or OFF. When engaged, the Harmonic Drive circuit can be blended into the Boost mode via the Drive mini pot. This gives the LIFT MKII the powerful ability to go from pristine cleans to harmonically excited boost to a unique, all out overdrive! The original Harmonic Drive was to our knowledge the world’s first Discrete Opamp based overdrive and the LIFT MKII starts where it left off! With three times the gain on tap, you can push the Harmonic Drive circuit into full saturation. The Harmonic Drive clipping circuit is unique among overdrives and characterized by a sweet, natural compression and harmonically rich, organic growl that doesn’t “break’ or “buzz” like most overdrives on the market! We think it’s perfect for setting base tone and cleans up very well with volume or pick attack. Full range and zero compromise audiophile signal path means this is an overdrive unlike anything you have played before. 



We are excited to offer these new features as a big update to the LIFT V1! We think it is packed with versatility and its full range means it can be used with any instrument, not just electric guitar. Give your sound a lift with the LIFT MKII and re-discover your clean tone! 

Unique Features:

  • Discrete Opamp Always-On Unity Gain Buffer

  • Discrete Opamp powered Boost with up to 30 dB of CLEAN Gain

  • NEW! Harmonic Drive with Blend pot for wide range of tones

  • Studio Grade EQ with transparent, wide-range High Cut and Low Cut Filters

  • NEW! LOW Filter can be assigned to always on or Boost only

  • NEW! Extended Full Range Frequency response: 20Hz-25kHz (EQ off)

  • NEW! Output LEVEL control to adjust level of output to allow for driving the Harmonic Drive circuit hard. 

  • NEW! High Performance proprietary dual-rail power section providing 36V of voltage swing for huge internal headroom off a 9v adaptor while drawing under 200mA, draws 150mA off of 15v adaptor. 

  • Audiophile, Studio-Grade Performance in a Pedal:
    USA designed and manufactured Discrete Opamp
    Audiophile grade, through-hole 1% Metal Film resistors
    Top shelf WIMA caps used in tone sensitive operations
    Shortest purest signal path possible
    Extremely Low Noise

  • Pedal board friendly footprint and rear-mounted jacks

  • Custom Box and Circuit Handmade in Oregon, USA

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