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Pettyjohn Electronics Pettydrive V2

By Pettyjohn Electronics | SKU: RGS-PTJ-PDV2 |

The PettyDrive V2 brings the original Signature dual overdrive pedal up to speed with a list of upgradesintroduced in the Foundry Series IRON and CHIME, all housed within a new pedal-board friendly boxfeaturing a new, more durable powder...- Read More

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The PettyDrive V2 brings the original Signature dual overdrive pedal up to speed with a list of upgrades

introduced in the Foundry Series IRON and CHIME, all housed within a new pedal-board friendly box

featuring a new, more durable powder coat finish and highly requested control labels!

Channel 1: CHIME

The CHIME channel is designed to function as a full-range, preamp that goes from sweet clean tones

into full saturation. As the gain is increased the circuit has been voiced to add a light, sweet,

harmonically rich breakup reminiscent of a pushed British style tube amp. You may hear significant

amounts of natural compression that feels much like power amp “sag” at higher gain settings. Channel 1

is equipped with an active tilt EQ built with Orange Drop capacitors for authentic amp-like tone! There

are two 3-way mini-toggle switches for easy, quick adjustment of the clipping circuit and low frequency

response. The Gain control range of the CHIME in the PettyDrive V2 has been increased by 2.5 times for

pushing the circuit harder. There is also a new Boost control that can add more sparkle and grit to the

tone when engaged!

Channel 2: IRON

The IRON channel is designed to be your go-to second stage overdrive. It has been meticulously voiced

for smooth yet powerful tone reminiscent of a cranked American style amp. Thicken up leads or add

power and punch to any chord without harshness found in many overdrives. You may find that it needs

very little tweaking with almost any guitar or amp. The Tone knob is an Orange Drop powered high-cut

that is highly effective for taming those bright guitars or amps. There are two 3-way mini-toggles again

to adjust internal settings on the fly. The top switch adjusts the clipping configuration and the bottom

toggle is a 3-way low cut that switches between 3 lower cutoff frequencies. The IRON also has a Clean

Mix knob that features an analog preamp with true internal summing for dialing in warm touch-sensitive

tones. The upgrades on the IRON include extended high-end range and it now includes an extra

JRC4558 chip so the user can swap between the stock OPA2134 in the gain stage.

External Insert:

The PettyDrive V2 includes an external effects insert! The middle mini toggle switch activates the send

and return jacks on the rear of the pedal so you can insert any chain of effects in between the CHIME

and the IRON. You can also use this loop for a variety of creative routing options including changing the

order of the IRON and CHIME and using each side of the PettyDrive V2 in a programmable true-bypass


Studio-Grade Quality

The PettyDrive V2 is a serious Tool for Tone, built for the modern working guitarist in mind with a

balance of advanced tone shaping features, general ease-of-use and tone that truly inspires. The

PettyDrive V2 is hand made in the USA with premium audiophile components to ensure the lowest

noise, years of reliability and the most articulate tone possible. For those seeking state of the art tools

for great tone, the PettyDrive V2 is a must have both in the studio and on stage.


1) Low Noise, High Headroom Studio Grade Dual Overdrive

2) Improved, Lower Noise

3) Increased Internal Headroom

4) Improved Power Section for 9-18V operation, 100mA

5) NEW Master True Bypass switching

6) NEW External Insert for a vast array of routing options

7) NEW Custom Box

8) NEW Control Labels

9) Audiophile, Studio-Grade Performance in a Pedal:

• Burr Brown OPA series high-performance audiophile Op-Amps

• Audiophile grade, through-hole 1% Metal Film resistors

• Top shelf WIMA and Silver Mica caps used in tone sensitive operations

• Internally Direct Coupled stages for purest signal path possible

• Lead-Free PCB constructed with Audiophile Lead-free Silver Solder

• Extremely Low Noise

10) Extra JRC4558 chip included with IRON side for additional tonal options

11) High quality PCB mounted Pots and Switches for improved durability

12) Handmade in Oregon, USA

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