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  • Origin Effects Revival Footswitch $99.00

    About the Revival Footswitch. Add even more flexibility to the RevivalDRIVE with footswitchable mid-boost and dry blend. MID ENGAGEWith the pedal’s MID ASSIGN switch set to F/SWITCH, this allows you to apply the adjustable mid boost to whichever channel is currently selected. Please note: the MID BOOST is applied to both the DRY and O.D. signals mixed by the BLEND control. The MID BOOST function is not active when the pedal is in BYPASS mode. DRY OVERRIDE This footswitch “overrides”...

  • Origin Effects Revival DRIVE $529.00

    About the Revival DRIVE The RevivalDRIVE is the first overdrive pedal from Origin Effects, the creators of the game-changing Cali76 and SlideRIG compressors. For these pedals, Origin took the legendary Urei 1176 as their inspiration. By following the same analogue circuit topology but adapting the design and components to work in a pedal format, they managed to deliver the sound and response of this classic studio compressor in a stompbox. For the RevivalDRIVE, they’ve applied the same approach to overdrive....

  • Origin Effects Revival DRIVE Custom $649.00

    About the RevivalDRIVE CUSTOM The RevivalDRIVE CUSTOM takes this concept even further, adding extra EQ and filter controls that let you fine-tune the pedal to match almost any amplifier. Designed for maximum versatility, the RevivalDRIVE CUSTOM features additional front-panel controls and a secondary EQ that will let you precisely match the pedal with almost any amplifier. For touring players, it’s the ultimate fly-rig overdrive! About the RevivalDRIVE The RevivalDRIVE is the first overdrive pedal from Origin Effects, the creators of the...